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Welcome to QiGong, Massages and Foot Reflexology Massage

QiGong - Thai Massage - Foot Reflexology Massage in Halle (Saale)

The Asian combination of exercise and relaxation.

Preserve the joy of life! Through regular exercise (QiGong, a gentle form of movement from China) and relaxation (traditional Thai massage and foot reflexology massage) body and mind come back into harmony.

If the body and mind are not in harmony, there are complaints such as depression, sleep disorders, tinnitus, back pain, dizziness, diabetes, stress, headaches, migraines, etc.

It is difficult to balance this disharmony in this day and age. Rushed by everyday life, childcare and the job or for fear of loneliness and poverty, we try to tear ourselves apart and often do not find the way out of this “hamster wheel”. We forget about ourselves. Often it is precisely these things that make us sick. Let us work together to regain your zest for life. It’s best to start with a relaxing Thai or foot reflexology massage. Afterwards, how about attending a free QiGong trial?


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