Sports & Fun...
...for ALL with my online courses

"Sport with fun" - ONLINE from the comfort of your home.

You would like to exercise and have fun at the same time? You can train here with many nice, lovely people and me together.

Sport with fun

10 card (10 x 45 minutes)


  • Mondays 2 courses 18.00 + 19.30 h

Conveniently from home via cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Participation fee:
10 card 100€

Prices incl. VAT, errors, changes and misprints excepted

Main focus

As a certified rehabilitation sports trainer for orthopedics (DOSB), this offer is aimed at ALL who want to move and have fun doing it. You, the participant, determine the pace and effort. All exercises can be done alternatively in standing or sitting position.

The goal is to mobilize joints, stretch fascia, tendon and ligaments, build strength, improve endurance, strengthen balance and all while WE have fun together.

Appointments for Sport with Fun

I kindly ask you to make appointments generally by e-mail or phone.

If you cannot reach me, I am in a client appointment and will be happy to call you back immediately. Thank you.

+49 (0) 176 - 99 289 259