Foot Reflexology

Treat yourself and your feet to a relaxing foot reflexology massage.

Our feet do a tremendous job over the course of a lifetime. They carry us every day anew, and not seldom do we take them until we have complaints. Give your feet a little more attention and you will see, there are unimagined ways to increase your well-being to preserve your zest for life.

The foot reflex zone massage acts as a massage form:

  • Relieves pain in osteoarthritis (scientific study of the University of Jena)
  • with knee problems
  • at shoulder and back pain for pain in the elbow (the typical tennis arm)
  • headache (Study 1990 University Autonoma de Barcelona)
  • blood circulation
  • stimulating the metabolism

In addition to Thai massage, I also learned the Thai way of foot reflexology massage in the city of Chiang Mai in 2015. The relaxation of the feet, just part of this type of massage. Other scientifically proven successes, in addition to conventional medicine can be recorded.

Through the massage, comparable to acupressure, the respective organs and body part are reached. The acupuncture uses the same idea and reaches the respective center via the skin or the ears to activate the self-healing powers. Now one might be reluctant to put an acupuncture needle under your foot or between your toes, so here I use the pressure massage instead.

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