Traditional Thai massage

I am inviting you to discover the world of Thai harmony in the center of Halle. The classic Thai massage is a pleasant and proven Far Eastern massage form. It combines elements of acupressure and yoga with the aim of giving you a deep recovery and simultaneous mobilization.

My way from Halle to the Thai massage – 5 weeks that changed my life:

Several years ago, I traveled from Halle to Thailand, with the goal to learn about Thai massage, foot reflexology and the Thai way of life in 5 weeks. For the western world the traditional Thai massage is a completely new experience. In Thailand, it is an integral part of the culture we find everywhere in public life.

I work with thumb and handball pressure, with the arms, elbows, legs, feet and knees. The Thai massage takes place in a stylish atmosphere and is traditionally practiced by me on a mat on the floor. Light and loose clothing is an advantage. Oil is not used.

In common literature Thai massage is described as passive yoga. But why?

Thai massage often looks spectacular and “twisted”. This is necessary so that I can gently and gently stretch the fasciae, tendons and ligaments by alternating tension and relaxation, thus loosening bonds. In order to reach the right points, you will occasionally be relocated during a Thai massage.

During the massage, I always make sure that you lie relaxed or are supported with the help of pillows or blankets.

After the massage, you will feel wonderfully relaxed and much more flexible. Like after a heavenly wellness day. The following day, a slight soreness can be felt, as I have activated through the Thai massage and your muscles.

How can Thai massage help you in Halle?

  • Comfortable relaxation and pure enjoyment
  • Refuel new power and harmony
  • Possible relief of various pains
  • Release blockages
  • Mobilization in case of lack of exercise

Possible effects of Thai massage:

  • Relief of pain in osteoarthritis
  • Relief of knee problems
  • Relief of shoulder and back pain
  • Relief of pain in the elbow
  • Relief of headaches
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Stimulation of the metabolism
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